Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Slim Body Tips, for Prospective Bride

How many days to the day of your wedding? Hmmm ... of course physical fitness is important to note so in the H-day no illness and still look fresh.

Not enough maintaining physical fitness with regular sleep only. It is recommended that you keep exercising so that blood circulation well, and have quality sleep. Additionally, with sports, so you can maintain your muscles, and you will look slimmer.

Well, the bride wanna be, if you want to slim down as well as fit in your Big Day later, look at the following points.

1. Watch food intake.

Do not eat carelessly! Avoid fatty and fried foods. Better to multiply a diet rich in fiber and water, so that the skin become more fresh and bright.
Moreover, you also have to sort out which foods will just contribute the extra weight, and which foods are needed by your body. Focus only on the menus that are contribute nutrients, not just a filling or simply delight you.

2. Remove boredom
You can vary the workout if you feel bored on the workout you are doing. Saturated with the treadmill, then ran around the housing complex, so you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the sights around.
Focus only on cardio exercises along ahead of the wedding day. Precisely this is an important workout to scrape the fats in your body.

3. Relax with tea
Keep your body and mind stay relaxed by consuming a cup of tea every day. Choose brewed tea instead of instant tea box, which will help you save additional calories.
Besides, green tea is also the most appropriate option so can help you control the amount of cholesterol in the body.

4. eat soup
Eat soup every morning can help control weight and keep you full longer. In a week you can save 700 calories and the body stay slim.

5. enough sleep
Also make sure the the body get enough rest, enough sleep and do not often stay up late. With enough sleep, your body gets rest and relaxation, so the next day the body become more refreshed.

Besides, while you sleep, then this will help keep you from "wanting to eat" at night. A clever way to make you slim, right?