Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tips to Overcome Pre-Marriage Syndrome

Most of the bride and groom may be through a phase of "premarital syndrome". Phase in which you will feel doubts about a partner, to experience the "strife" in the family. All that happens in this phase to make you re-think, "Do I have to continue this marriage?".

Can not be denied that premarital syndrome can take you on negative thoughts. However, all events in the phase before the wedding is certainly going to give a new lesson for you and in the future lives. Here are some premarital syndrome that might be experienced the bride, and how to handle it:

Is He The Right Man?
Is he the right guy for me? Whether he will be faithful? Am I ready to spend time with her for life? This question often arises in the minds of the bride and groom. Not to mention that now a lot of couples who divorce, plus the emergence of a sense of wonder, "Maybe there's a man who is much better, and good looking out there."

These doubts are able to keep you awake all night. To overcome these doubts, try to think carefully before you change your mind or even cancel the wedding. Make a list of criteria for your version of the ideal husband, then match on with your partner. If you already meet the 50%, meaning your partner are included in your version of the ideal husband. Remember, nothing is perfect in this world, and even if your partner is not as you would expect, but who knows it turns out he's the best for you.

Goodbye Freedom
Doubts sometimes arise due to your own, one of them is not ready to assume the status of "married." Worried after marriage then your freedom will be lost, can not spend the salary for personal use, not to mention the thought of losing your admirers.

Throw away all those thoughts. Married life is going to change you and your spouse, loss of freedom due to the emergence of new responsibilities. And do not be afraid to lose admirers, because you already have a partner who will admire you for life, not to mention the beloved children who will be your loyal admirers.

Look at the positive side of marriage, you're not alone anymore in this life. You will have a friend in resolving all issues, accompanied in fun and sorrow. Hopefully these tips can help you cope with premarital syndrome.