Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why You Should Get Married

Many reasons that make people want to enter married life. In addition due to some personal reasons, such as a match, mature financially, or religion, there are several other reasons that can convince someone to get married. Some of these studies are expected to enrich the positive reasons for someone to enter the world of weddings.

From the study of the science of psychology, human treading some stage of development in his life. 20-40 years of age belonging to the young adult stage of development in which the phase of this development there is a need to establish a relationship of closeness (intimacy) with someone of the opposite sex or commitment to ending forge a deeper relationship with someone. Developmental tasks are tasks that are appearing at a certain period in life. If we managed to finish it, it will bring happiness and help further the development of task completion.

Several studies outlined by AOL Health states that were married can improve the quality of human life, including:

1. Married can reduce stress
Studies of the University of California found that people who were married will be happier and able to reduce the levels of stress than those who did not were married. Researchers took saliva samples to test the participants' levels of cortisol (a stress hormone), known to those who were married had lower cortisol levels so the stress level is much less.

2. Married can reduce the possibility of stroke
A recent study conducted by Tel Aviv University shows a happy marriage can help prevent fatal strokes in men. Obtained men who are not married have a 64 percent higher risk of developing a fatal stroke compared with married men.

3. Married reduces risk of dementia
Middle-aged person who live alone are twice as likely to have dementia and Alzheimer's disease compared with those who were married. Meanwhile, people who divorced in middle age will make it have a 3-fold risk.