Thursday, May 23, 2013

Simple Wedding Ideas at Rear House

Does it ever comes to mind to make the wedding simple but still look beautiful and attractive? Marriage does not always have to be celebrated in a building or enclosed (indoor).
Garden Party is one of the wedding party which are also interesting for the bridal couple and the invited guests. If you have a house with a yard large enough maybe you can consider to have a party in your own home page, or you can hire a suitable location for a garden party. But there are things to consider if you want to do. Those things are:

1. Consider the season when the wedding will be held in the garden, although this time may be a little difficult to predict the weather because the changing seasons. However, considering the right time would be much better.

Would be much better if you prepare a tent, among the garden party, so if possible bad happens with the coming rain, temporarily guests can shelter at the venue.

2. Pay attention to your garden. Do you think the garden is quite neat. If necessary, call a professional gardener to make your garden more beautiful and pleasing to the eye

3. Determine the theme of food served. Customize with your garden atmosphere. Barbecue party can be a great alternative to a garden party theme.

4. For a party at night, decorations such as garden lights, colorful lanterns and torches will be increasingly beautify the garden party atmosphere.

5. For more liven up the atmosphere, you can display the acoustic music contribution or you can also put some speakers in the garden area and install a generator music atmosphere.

6. Do not forget to give your guests the dress code appropriate to your garden party atmosphere.